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Nike Air Edge 10 SL X-Training Mens Gym Shoes

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Nike Air Edge 10 SL X-Training

Nike prodice many ranges of trainers for many different activities. One of the unifying factors of these trainers is the Air cushioning system. The Nike Air Edge 10 SL-X-Training mens gym shoes are designed for wearing for your general workouts. They contain the Air cushioning system that provide extra support for your joints and knees when working out.

The Air Edge 10 are lightweight and are built from a range of mesh and synthetics to provide extra breathability for your feet when you need it. As well as the Air cushioning, they also have a Phylon midsole that provide extra cushioning. The rubber outsole provides extra grip when you need it.

This is a great pair of mens trainers that can be used for most general workout activities.

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Nike Air Pegasus+ 26 Mens Running Trainers

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Nike Air Pegasus+ 26

Nike have been making the Pegasus mens trainers for over 26 years now. The Nike Air Pegasus+26 is the latest revision of these classic running trainers. They are designed for neutral runners and come with some great technology.

They are extra lightweight and feature a breathable upper that work well to keep the feet cool.
Alongside the Air cushioning, they also have a phylon midsole. This works to provide an extra support for your joints.

They also feature the Nike+ system. This will link with your iPod to provide feedback on your run as you go that can help you run faster every time!

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Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS Running Trainers

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Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS

Different runners have different running styles and as such, you should ensure that you have the best running shoes for your situation. The Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS mens running trainers and developed for severe overpronators. This is the condition that running makes your foot role inwards when it lands. The ProGrid Stabil CS provide extra cushioning to ensure that your feet land in a more stable fashion.

These shoes also come with a lining that ensures minimal sweat but also anti bacterial covering. Extra support facilities include arch lock to secure the foot and a CS zone that stablises the foot through the running motion.

You should purchase these mens running trainers if you need the extra support from a professional manufacturer at a competitive price.

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